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18 April 2019 @ 03:42 pm
[fic] our future history ; hannah montana, miley/lilly  
our future history. hannah montana. miley/lilly. pg-13. 550. ao3.
lilly was an affectionate drunk.

for [community profile] femslashficlets prompt 205: embrace.

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18 April 2019 @ 12:36 pm
[icons] #o11: think of me as a human contraceptive  
the theme for this month's round at [community profile] fandom10in30 was alphabet, meaning all of the icons had to follow a pattern of the alphabet but you could start at any letter. this month's theme was really interesting (although kind of difficult lol) and inspired me to try some new techniques and styles i don't usually do! i hope you like them!

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14 April 2019 @ 04:07 pm
[writing wrap-up] march l 2019  


[personal profile] gracerene and [personal profile] firethesound's weekly and monthly word count wrap ups always make me want to write more. those two write so much! it's incredible! so, i'm going to start posting monthly wrap up + goals posts in an attempt to hold myself accountable.


  • march word count goal: 4,594 / 8,042
  • YTD word count goal: 4,594 / 18,493
  • 2019 total word count goal: 6,266 / 75,000
as you can see i am quite a bit behind but i'm going to try my hardest to catch up. i got really into writing again right at the end of the month. i actually wrote most of that 4.5k over the last 3 days of the month. if you're curious about the breakdown:

march 1-9: 0 words
march 10-16: 243 words, all on the 15th
march 17-23: 389 words, on the 17th
march 24-30: 3,962 total words, 22 words on the 25th, 1702 words on the 29th, 616 words on the 30th, 1622 words on the 31st

if you want to see some of those words, here are the fics i posted in march. well, wrote in march. technically posted in april but shh.

afternoon delight. harry potter. harry/ron/hermione. 359. pg.
"i refuse to be defeated by cookies!"

distractions. harry potter. cho/luna. 301. pg.
later, when it was two A.M. and she was still trying to figure out the answer to number forty-two, she might regret this but now, with luna in her arms, feeling like warmth and safety, she didn’t regret a thing.
i like me better when i'm with you. harry potter. ginny/luna. 177. pg.
“you’re right. sorry, luna. i'm being silly.”

“no. you’re being you. i like it when you’re you.”
your body on my mind. harry potter. harry/charlie. 698. pg-13.
"is that how you think of me? as family?"

and i also posted a fest fic!
the sweetest little part of destiny. harry potter. bill/fleur. fleur & harry, fleur & molly. 1704. pg-13.
two years may seem like a lifetime to someone who wasn’t there, someone who didn’t witness the chaos of the war, who doesn’t feel the death and destruction that still lingers over everyone. but two years is nothing. not to someone like andromeda, who lost both a husband and a daughter and a son-in-law. it is nothing to harry, poor, sweet harry, who has always carried the world on his shoulders and who will never step feeling like the lives lost in the war are sitting on his conscience. or, molly, who has lost a son but is trying her damnedest to mother yet another orphaned young boy. the three of them are all trying their hardest to make the broken pieces of themselves into one whole parent for teddy.

how can she bring a child into this world and take their attention away from that?

now, onto next month!


word count goal: 18,493

that is a lot of words but i'm going to try my hardest to write as much as i can. projects i want to work on:
  • when we were young (temporary title) drarry fic. this is a fic about harry/draco reconnecting in their 40s after having been together and split up in their twenties. i love the idea of this fic and second chance romance is a fave of mine so i think this will be a lot of fun to write.
  • secret identity drarry fic. i have a very basic outline for this. but i like the idea and i know the general gist of what happens so all i really need to do is just sit down and write it.
  • wizarding uber drarry fic. i have about 58 words/5 sentences of this one but i have a very vague outline.
  • the good place au drarry fic. i've had this idea in my head since the first season of tgp was airing and i have some notes but i need to go read those notes and turn them into actual words. i have about 621 words of it already.
  • weird dead people can talk through harry drarry fic. i have 644 words of this one.
  • the office au drarry fic. i only have two sentences of this one. lol.
  • ginny/luna tattoo artist canon divergence gift fic. this one is almost done! all i need to do is write the last scene which is the sex scene but it's giving me trouble because i usually don't go so explicit and i start doubting myself.
  • ginny/luna bookstore au fic. i have 1547 words on this one but it's an old one and while i remember a bit of the ending i wanted, i'm not sure what to do with the middle.
  • ginny/luna the west wing au fic. i have 179 words of this and no idea where it's going.
  • ginny/luna, harry/draco band au fic. i have about 75 words of this and kind of an idea of where it's going but not really.
  • ginny/luna library au fic. i've got 470 words of this and not a clue where to go with it.
  • ginny/luna domestic drabble gift fic. i've got about 197 words of this and know where i'm going with it, i think, i just need to actually sit down and write it.
  • auror bodyguard ron/pansy fic. i have about 449 words of this and a very vague idea of the story but i have the feeling that is gonna be a long one and i want to write some of the shorter ones first.
  • dean/seamus fake relationship gift fic. i have 344 words of this one but it's set around christmas and i'm one of those people who cannot read/write something set in a different season than the one it is. i can only read historical fiction in the winter because it ~feels winter-y to me. i'm gonna try to work on some of the parts that aren't obviously christmas related, though there aren't many of those.
  • kinky ron/pansy fic. i have 0 actual words on this but i do have basically the entire thing in my head. it's just straight up porn. maybe a little angst. i need to just stop doubting myself when it comes to smut and just write the damn thing.

like a lonely house
13 April 2019 @ 02:01 am
[fic] chasing versions of our past ; captain marvel ; carol/maria  
chasing versions of our past. captain marvel. carol/maria. pg-13. 697. ao3.
"that's new." she nodded her head towards the scar.
"oh," carol said. "is it?"

can carol get new scars? dunno, probably not, who cares. can she get the tag out of her own bra? probably but we don't care for logic in this house as it would ruin this idea that has been stuck in my head for ages.
title inspired by/kind of taken from daughter's youth. inspired by [community profile] femslashficlets scar prompt from weeks ago but i missed that deadline so it doesn't count. for the promise prompt on my [community profile] 100fandoms table.

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